I’m just a wife & momma who loves shooting and editing weddings, coffee, coca cola, the colors pink and turquoise, and yoga. Oh and music! I LOVE music.

I've always enjoyed art as a child. What I couldn't understand is if I loved it so much, why wasn't I any good at it? The first time I picked up a camera and took a picture of my first born son, I just knew photography was my thing. 

For me, it's all about my family and fur baby, and being able to be there for them. I get to spend more time with them because I have the blessing of running my own business.

Read more about me below and then click the link below to find out how to reserve my services for your wedding. There's also a link for my editing services for photographers, my shop for presets and creative content too!

Meet jennifer

When I'm not shooting weddings or editing, you'll find me playing a level of Super Mario with my hubby or boys, or enjoying the outdoors! I'm big on beaches with clear water and soft sand, walking or biking, and swimming!  


I enjoy keeping up with a good tv/movie series, and reading with my favorite faded, worn quilt, and a mocha or vanilla coffee. Iced is my usual go-to for coffee since it's hot 344 days out of the year. ;-) I do enjoy a hot coffee though too! The only soft drink (soda) I'll drink is normally Coke! 


I'm an Amazon Prime girl. If you are too, you totally get it. You don't even have to ask where I got the majority of anything in my house. Yep, you guessed it. Amazon Prime. ;-)


My go to's:
My Canon camera
Comfortable flats- I'm 6'1!
Ear buds playing music in my ear... I'm always up for a song
by Lauren Daigle, We Three Band,
Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz and many more artists.


I enjoy summer, but my absolute favorite season is fall! I love big comfy sweaters, candles, baking, Thanksgiving dinner, and wearing boots or scarves. It makes me happy!


A few things about me