A Soft Green + White Nature Inspired Wedding- Hidden Creek at StoneHaus – Kavin + Kathy

Everything about Kavin & Kathy’s wedding this past weekend was just perfect! I was so excited that they wanted to do a first look together privately by themselves before the wedding. It takes most of the jitters away and they get to really see each other with no one to disrupt them! Always super fun. Their friends and family were so welcoming and fun. The ceremony time had SO much glowy light and goodness!! Something funny that happened that you’ll see below was Kavin had to run inside to grab his ring during the ceremony.  I smile every time I see their pictures together and the way they are together! Kathy has such an infectious smile. She lights up a room and I can see why he is so taken with her. Take a peek at their pictures together and also their cake/donut table! 🙂

Photographer- Jennifer Pitts Creative

Venue- Hidden Creek Stonehaus

Catering- Miller’s Smokehouse

Hair + Makeup- DIY

Reception- DIY (Kathy did an amazing job planning!)

Cake- TBA

Officiant- TBA

  1. Jessie King says:

    Beautiful!!!!! Beautiful bride. You do such an amazing job.

  2. Jessie King says:

    Just beautiful. 😍😍😍 i love outside weddings.


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