JPC Presets Available Now!


WHY PRESETS? You need mobile or desktop presets if you are one of three people:
1. You love taking photos or are a newbie photographer and don’t know how to edit/achieve a certain style. 
2. You are a social media influencer, blogger, entrepreneur and want to take your photos and social media feed to the next level. 
3. You are a photographer and want to create a cohesive feed between your mobile and desktop images or are looking for something with a little more pop to your images. 
As a photographer and private photo editor for other high end photographers, I understand the need for presets and how editing your photos the same way gives you authority, value, strength in your branding, cohesiveness in your work, website, and social media feed. These are adjustments you make to your photos every single time by pressing one button, then tweak, and done! We don’t have time to figure it all out and that’s okay! I take the guess work out of it all with detailed and pictured instructions walking you through it every step of the way! 
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