Friday Freebies Part Two Is Here!!

FRIDAY FREEBIES. / Y’all! What an amazing response to my first freebie. Part 2 is finished and it’s available right now!!  How to take better photos with your camera or phone. 🎉🎉 Click on my website, Then click shop to get to the link to it. Be sure to use the promo code: FREE4ME2 for Part 2 to get this free!!

Part 1 is still available and I gave you tips on how to turn off auto settings, finding the light, working with harsh light, and avoiding distractions in your background when taking pictures with your camera or mobile phone. 😊

Part 2 is all about composition of your photo, rule of thirds, and how to create layers in your photos. It’s awesome!!

These are the perfect starter freebies for my mobile and desktop presets coming in the next two weeks! 💖

Grab it while it lasts!

❤ ⬇️ Comment below if you claimed your free tips! ✅


  1. Linda says:

    What a fantastic idea to give photography tips.


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