Preserving Memories and End of Summer Update

 I meant to take pictures of my nine year old guy in May y’all! But it happened in July and I’m posting in August. 😃 Life has been a little crazy with busy season, summer, and moving. I’ve photographed 11 weddings already this year! My fall is a little lighter, but family sessions are coming up, and I usually have around 20 of those. Plus, since we are centrally located, that opens up so many cities I’m able to provide wedding and family services to!! I’m excited!

We have enjoyed our summer full of go carts, swimming, playing with friends and family, and enjoying the hot and cold weather to the fullest! Here’s a few of a July day this past month.

My guy is 9. How can this be?!

One of my oldest with one of his close friends. And of course my littlest sporting his boots in every picture. 
Visiting our pup who passed away last year. He escaped our yard and was hit by a car. 🙁 We buried him on our land. I saw my oldest over there and snapped a few pictures of him. I know he’ll love these pictures. 
Our boys running and playing on our land. I want to frame a picture of them running. 🙂 
I take photos from the whole year and get them printed with our Christmas cards. That’s usually my gift to myself, as prints can be pricey, haha. 


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