10 Signs You Need To Outsource To A Private Photo Editor


Hi there! For those who may not know me, My name is Jennifer. I am a photographer and private photo editor based out of Texas. This past year, the editing side of my business has grown to be just as succesful as the photography side of my business. It has been very exciting to see all the growth and changes in my life the last few months.
I’m not sure when I really recognized my editing capabilities, but I remember one thing all of my photography clients kept saying in their reviews. They kept mentioning the experience they were having with my serving them. Here are just a few you can find on Facebook.com/jpittsphotography:
Christina wrote:
There isn’t enough amazing words to say about Jennifer and her talent! She captures the moment in each photo and makes you feel so comfortable. Plus it only took a few days to get our pictures. So glad we found her and we will definitely only use her from now on! I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful pictures, Jennifer!
Christine wrote:
Jennifer is AMAZING!!! The attention to detail in each photo was wonderful and we received our photos in less than a week! She was very kind from day one and we are extremely satisfied with our pictures!! We could not have asked for a better photographer!
Tim wrote:
Jennifer is absolutely amazing! We got some awesome pictures from our wedding. Jennifer met with us when we booked to get an idea of what we wanted. We gave her a deposit and she handled the rest. We paid the remaining balance when she arrived at the venue. Completely painless for us. I would recommend her to anyone looking for quality pictures! We had ours in less than a week. Thank you for all of your dedication to our big day!
With amazing clients and reviews, it didn’t come easily. I worked really hard to bring clients an awesome experience. To this day, I am still delivering photos within a week or less. All of that said, seeing clients being wowed over my delivery and return, I started to notice a strength in my editing and noticed a need for photographers in my industry who were wanting help to grow their businesses. With any business that is growing, there eventually will be an increase in production or work, which leads to outsourcing or hiring help. Outsourcing can be a scary thing to do with your business, and I totally get that. Your photos and your style are your “baby”. But what if I told you with the right private photo editor you could make sure your style is consistent and represents your style and business in the best way you could ever imagine? I would even venture to say, that most photographers are not editors. And most editors are not photographers. It is super rare to find a photographer who edits well. I’m one of the rare ones, y’all! Haha. But it’s true. Most photographers have an undeniable strength in creating beauty in their photos and they have their style already established, but are stuck at their computers 24/7. So their business is either at a stand still, or they are overwhelmed with weddings, sessions, editing, marketing, emails, you name it! The right editor has developed a system, workflow, and is able to match a photographer’s style in less time than the photographer himself. Every week, I keep getting emails like this from my editing clients:
You are so fast I can’t even wrap my brain around it haha. Thank you so much – you rock!

Or this:
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 😘

I can’t begin to describe the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders by working with you. You are so fast and thorough!!!


So here it is, y’all!
 10 Signs You Need To Outsource To A Private Photo Editor:
  1. Time is Money- You are spending so much time on $10-14/hr jobs in your business, that you don’t have time to do more important things that grow your business, like courses, marketing, seo.
  2. You are losing touch with your family and friends. Being glued to a computer all day, means no time with your family and friends. And you are missing out!
  3. You work a full time job in addition to your photography business and are having trouble enhancing your clients experiences because of the lack of time you have with editing and “work, work.”
  4. You are stuck at your computer 24/7! Owning and running your own business doesn’t mean you should be a slave to your business!
  5. Demand for your services are increasing. Which is a good thing. More business = financial stability.
  6. You have to turn away sessions or weddings because you are too busy. Or you say yes, and you are constantly playing catch up.
  7.  You find yourself behind on emails, customer service, print or book orders, and don’t have as much time to market, blog, etc.
  8. You haven’t been able to do something you enjoy in your business like a styled shoot, collaboration with other vendors, teaching workshops, etc.
  9. You just feel stuck and are not enjoying photography as much as you used to before you started growing. Remember how nice it was when you didn’t get overwhelmed by all the different aspects of your business?

10.   You’ve actually considered outsourcing, but are afraid to try it out of the fear of losing your creative control over your style. You’ve worked so hard and wouldn’t want to lose it by getting an editor, right?

All of these signs have been mentioned by the photographers I work with and edit for now. And today, they all tell me they don’t regret outsourcing and wouldn’t look back.  I know the secret to keeping your style and not losing creative control over your pictures. And I love editing so much, that I do it full time for other photographers. I love serving and helping my clients! It’s a win win, folks!
So what are you waiting for?
Contact me today to see if we would be a good fit for working together!
If you are still looking for a private photo editor, I hope you will consider me as an option! I have two full time spots left to fill. Visit: www.theprivatephotoeditor.com or Facebook.com/privatephotoeditor or @privatephotoeditor on Facebook.
I can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂


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