JP Wedding Couples of 2016

Last year, was a fun and amazing year for me. I met and served many new couples and families.We bought a house and moved to Abilene. I branched out and started editing for other wonderful photographers during the workweek. It has been a whirlwind of a year, and I keep thinking, how awesome it would have been if I blogged my growth and adventures right here, along with my sessions and weddings that I blogged last year.
So that’s what I’m going to do this year.I think it will be fun to look back on some amazing sessions and weddings, give tips from 5 years in business, and the fun and new things along the way.
So the first week of my blogging adventures are my 2016 JP Wedding Couples! All of my JP brides were gorgeous!! I had 17 last year! All of these weddings were in the Abilene and Austin areas that I service. I will be posting 2016 rings, cakes, dresses, etc. So be on the lookout for them! I will also featuring my 2016 JP families too! So excited. Enjoy!
1. Ryan and Kameron Webb Wedding
They did an amazing first look. It was dreamy. 
I loved everything about their wedding! 

2. Ignacio and Christine Garcia Wedding
I am a fan of pink and red so I loved her colors.
They were soo sweet!

3. Clay and Christi Hummer Wedding
This couple was the real deal!! 
Through health and trying times, they were amazing to each other.
Their cake and Starbucks cake was awesome! 
(You’ll see the cakes from 2016 here in a few weeks!)
Isn’t their church wedding chapel gorgeous??

4. John and Brittany Muniz Wedding
What a beautiful couple inside and out! 
I loved their sweet looks at each other! 🙂

5. Ridge and Sydnie Tullos Wedding
Swoon!! Awesome venue (Chapel of Dulcinea- check it out!), 
truck, dress, couple, etc.
Sydnie was so brave doing her pictures when it was still soo cold outside. 
I’m so glad she still did them, because we have some gorgeous shots of her! 

6. Mike and Amanda Daniels Wedding
You guys, when Amanda emailed me about their intention of marrying at the State Capital, 
I made it happen!! I had 3 other weddings that weekend. It was totally worth it. 
Granted the other weddings were short and sweet too, so that worked out in all our favors.
I was able to give each of their weddings back within a week.
Umm, that is unheard of! Ha. Go editor skills to me! 
Do you see Mike’s response to seeing Amanda during their first look? 
It was AMAZING! 🙂
The State Capital was a perfect backdrop for their wedding.
I just loved it!!

7. Tim and Diana Keirn Wedding
Tim and Diana were one of my favorite couples in 2016.
They were so calm right before their wedding, Diana’s tears during the ceremony got me so bad,  
they showed how much in love with each other, Tim was a trooper taking those pictures- it was awesome,
and who but they can say their sheriff was singing and dancing at their wedding. Haha! 
It was a very fun night.

8. Matthew and Katie Carl Wedding
I loved how much fun their family was! 
Their decor, color choices, etc were wonderful.
Some of my favorite bride/groom images are from Matthew and Katie’s wedding.
My favorite is their first dance pictures as well. 
Their reception was so much fun!!
And of course the sparkler send off was so neat!!

9. Christopher and Megan Vellekamp Wedding
Can I just swoon over their pictures?
I loved Megan’s dress, bouquet, her wedding colors.
Everything came together so well.
I just loved everything.
Their cakes were pretty cool too.
You’ll have to wait to see in a few weeks when I feature the cakes.

10. John and Dallas Garcia Wedding
Isn’t Dallas beautiful? She totally blew me away with her kindness.
John and Dallas had their wedding at the Texas Agricultural 
Chapel and Center just past Austin, TX in Seguin, TX.
They picked the perfect venue! 
Their friends and family really made the ceremony and reception perfect.
I enjoyed shooting their wedding for me. 
Going back through wedding photos are so enjoyable for me.

11. Ben and Deb Rode Wedding
Guys, Deb was the happiest and sweetest bride!
Ben really complimented Deb.
When she shed a few tears during her vows, 
Ben was right there holding his handkerchief for her.
If I could describe them in one word, it would be JOY.
They had a huge bridal party, and they were 
ALL A++ bridesmaids and groomsmen.

12. Chase and Cheyanne Horton Wedding
I loved this wedding.
I loved their diy details- all of the reception tables were BUILT by
 Chase and his friends/family.
Talk about dedication. The tree, the lights, the table decor. Swoon.
I think Cheyanne’s dad made their wedding cake- 
and it was stinking awesome!! 
Some of my favorites are below.

13. Travis and Christine Wright Wedding
Travis and Christine tied the knot at the Georgetown Courthouse 
and left with a bubble send off.
It was simple and so beautiful.
I swear the groom looks a little like the actor James Stewart. Ha!
Loved working with this wonderful couple.

14. Stephen and Courtney Moursund Wedding.
This couple had a well thought out, amazing wedding.
Their wedding planner was a former coworker of the groom, 
and she really helped bring everything together the day of the wedding.
Their wedding decor and details were amazing.
Their first look was to die for. 
The way Stephen was admiring Courtney took my breath away.
Sweeet Madison stole my heart.
Courtney’s bridals were a favorite.
If you are looking for an amazing wedding venue,
check out Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.
The grounds are perfect for bridals, portraits, weddings, you name it!

15. Jimmy and Ami’s Bride/Groom Session
This wonderful couple came to me last fall requesting 
some bride/groom photos before their wedding. 
You might be thinking, wait, what? 
Their wedding was a halloween theme, 
and they wanted their dressy formal pictures as well. 
It was such a great idea! I loved taking their photos.
Ami is so gorgeous! 
The peacocks were even willing to 
be photographed with some blueberry persuasion.

16. Curt and Jennifer O’Brien Wedding
Jennifer is amazing just because
 of the fact she is also a Jennifer! 😉
Okay, okay just kidding. 🙂
But Jennifer and Curt really were a great couple to work with.
The way Jennifer’s dad beamed and teared up over her, 
even during the toasts, was such a beautiful moment to see.
Their lake house wedding was on point. 
I was so grateful to be chosen to be part of their wedding day!
Everything about their day was perfect.

17. Albert and Emily Reynolds Wedding
This wasn’t your everyday wedding, folks!
Their details, set up, attention to detail was awesome!
I loved how they incorporated family into the wedding.
Emily is a gorgeous bride!!
I loved Albert’s face when he first saw her come down the aisle.
It was sweet.

That’s it folks!! Stay tuned for next week for some more highlights of these weddings!! 😉


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